Bree Stock

Master of Wine

A native of Southeast Queensland, Australia, Bree’s fascination for all things vinous was born from a natural curiosity and love of storytelling. While studying theater in British Columbia, Bree crossed paths with Canada’s first female Master of Wine, Barbara Phillips. Noting her keen interest in wine, Barbara invited Bree to meet with the many visiting winemakers who frequented the fine-dining restaurant in which they worked.

Bree was instantly hooked. The stories each winemaker told, detailing their history and time in the vineyards, unraveled like a play before her. For Bree, the language of wine was both grounding and inspiring. She approached each tasting with a growing fascination at how each vineyard slope, angle of exposure, and soil type translated into glass. With Barbara as an enthusiastic mentor, she began to study wine in earnest. In 2016, Bree achieved the industry-wide pinnacle of wine studies, a Master of Wine certification.

Now an internationally acclaimed wine expert, Bree has called Oregon her home since 2014. She finds kinship in this community of doers and dreamers, in the fog that weaves like a river through vineyards and hollows, and the commitment of Oregonians to protecting and preserving these beautiful spaces.

A winemaker herself, Bree believes that Oregon is a place of unlimited potential — a wealth of distinct regions, biomes, and talented producers. Of the future of Oregon’s burgeoning wine industry, she enthusiastically quips, “Our success is limited only by our imaginations, and by the rootstock available to us.”